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Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E,F,M-bodies...

Poly:  318

Small Block:  273, 318, 340, 360

Big Block B:  383, 400

Big Block RB:  440, 413-426 wedge

Gen2 Hemis:  426, 472, 528

Gen3 Hemis:  5.7, 6.1, 6.4

Late Model:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler300 and Magnum's...

Gen3 Hemi:  5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L headers

SRT-8 Drag Pack headers

03-05 Dodge Ram Trucks...

Gen3 Hemi:  5.7L headers

95-05 Dodge Neon...

2.0L Short tube headers Dohc/Sohc

2.0L Long tube headers Dohc/Sohc


Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-body

Mopar Classics:  62-65 Max Wedge

Late Model:  08-13 Challenger

Late Model:  05-13 Charger, Chrysler300 & Magnum's

03-07 Dodge Ram Trucks

95-05 Dodge Neon


Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-bodies...

Exhaust pipes

H-pipe assembly

X-pipe assembly


Muffler hangers

Muffler hanger body brackets


Tailpipe hanger receptacles

Tips, Dual-Rectangular 70-74 Challenger

Tips, Rectangle (70-74 Cuda)

Tips, Oval (Plymouth)

Tips, Rectangle (Dodge)

Tips, Slotted (71-74 Dodge/73-74 Ply)

Late Model:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler300 and Magnum's...

Cat-back pipe

Mid-pipe with cats

Mid-pipe without cats

Mid-section assembly w/ cats

Tips, dual-rectangular (Challenger)

Tips, rectangle (Cuda)

Tips, 9" round (Magnum)

03-07 Dodge Ram Trucks...

Exhaust tip, 13" round

Y-pipe assembly with cats

95-05 Dodge Neon...

Catalytic converter assembly

Header adapters

Cold air intake system


Tips, 9.5" round rolled edge


Aluminized turndown extensions

Oval (Plymouth)

Rectangle (Dodge)

Dual-Rectangle (Challenger style)

Rectangle (Cuda style)


Round rolled edge

Slotted with colored inserts



Mopar Classics:  A,B,C,E-bodies...

Fasteners:  Bolt, Clamps

Flanges / Gaskets

Header reducer adapters / Universal header adapter kits

Motor mounts

Muffler hangers

Muffler hanger body brackets

Oil filter blocking plate

Shifter mounting bracket (727 Trans)

9" Slip-connectors (aluminized tube)

Spark plug wrench

Tailpipe hanger receptacles

Tailpipe hanger rubber insulators

Torque shaft assembly (for Column Shift)

Z-bar  (for A-bodies with Standard Trans)

Late Model:  Challenger, Charger, Chrysler300 and Magnum's...

Fasteners:  Clamps

Catalytic converter replacement section

Dip stick spacer

Flanges / Gaskets

O2 Sensor extension harnesses

03-07 Dodge Ram Trucks...

Fasteners:  Clamps

Flanges / Gaskets

Fuel Line Insulation Materials

Muffler, High Perf 304SS

O2 Sensor Extension Harnesses

95-05 Dodge Neon...

Flanges / Gaskets

Heat shield

Motor mount, front

Strut bars, front & rear


Home About Us

Since 1988 Tube Technologies, Inc. (TTi) has manufactured the highest quality exhaust parts available using state-of-the-art computer controlled machinery.  Our in-house R&D staff has developed products that fit and perform to an unsurpassed level of standards.  We use only the finest grades of aluminized and stainless steel and our systems are welded by craftsmen with a great deal of experience.  We take a great deal of pride in what we build, which is what makes our exhaust products first choice.

All exhaust tubing is mandrel bent on sophisticated computer controlled bending machines for precise fit and uninterrupted exhaust flow.  The mandrel bending process maintains a constant inside diameter of the tube for a smoother, rounder finish, no restriction of flow and no crimping of the tube.

Our component parts are manufactured with strong heavy-gauge material to prevent fatigue cracking and are assembled in precision built hard tooling dies by qualified craftsman.

The entire staff of Tube Technologies, is proud to offer you only the best in customer service, product quality and value for the dollar.  We are proud of our Headers, Exhaust Systems & Exhaust Tips and we appreciate that you are considering TTi Performance Exhaust products.  We would also like to thank all of our existing customers as well as our authorized TTi Distributors who are committed to bringing our customers the very best.



Manufacturing Plant

Bending Dept.







Updated: August 01, 2015


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