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Valve Covers

Due to numerous valve cover designs, it will be necessary to measure the width of your valve covers.  Our headers will clear the Cast aluminum & Stamped steel valve covers with the width dimensions of 4.065"-4.300".


Some TTi headers will not clear the Fabricated / Welded aluminum sheet metal valve covers with the width dimension of 5.00".  Modification will be required to the #1 or #2 (possibly both) header cylinder tubes for clearance.


> Modification is done to our production-run headers upon request and prior to coating/plating.  Please allow additional time for the modification and the coating process.


Order Lead Time:  4-6 weeks


Note: We require a $100 non-refundable deposit for all Special Orders prior to the start of modification.  The balance will be due upon completion of your order.


Plug Clearance - Part #SP001 / Modification fee: $50.00   ...more info






Updated: March 05, 2014